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I simply love food. It connects people, it allows us to express our creativity and generosity, it makes people smile & mmmm…Each day the food we choose to eat nourishes and recreates our bodies and affects our minds & emotions.

Having all this in mind food gets quite a lot of attention in my life.

When I just turned 19 my then-boyfriend and I decided to hitch-hike through Europe. It was summer and for some time before that I was feeling an urge to quit eating meat- I always loved animals and it seemed very awkward to me that you love someone and still you eat it… I guess “lovely” Peta videos that I watched then also had some influence on me, but anyway, before our summer trip I asked him “Let’s be vegetarians?”- “Ok”, he said and simply like that I turned vegetarian. A ridiculous label reading in all kinds of foreign languages to understand whether that food has meat in it or no were a part of that trip, but now, more than 8 year later I’m still a healthy, happy vegetarian. So you see, you only need a wish to make changes in life ;)

Since then many things have changed in my life and now I don’t eat anything that was alive not only for ethical reasons, but also for spiritual, health and sustainability related reasons as well. This simple diet change led me to totally new direction in life– I learned how to cook (or prepare creative raw dishes- my husband and I tried strictly raw food diet for half a year and still love to include a lot of raw food in our daily food choices), discovered food-body-mind connection and studied a lot about nutrition and in general healthy living. I even ran a marathon, though I remember how 15 minutes of running seemed like quite a lot when I was in school… Real, tasty and nourishing food became a natural thing in my life. I used to share some images and recipes on my personal FB page and noticed how much people like that, how big today is this need for quality food, that gives you not only taste, but also energy & well being and this was a huge part of what inspired me to start this blog in the first place.

My goal isn’t to make you choose to quit meat (I believe that we are all on our journeys and learning our lessons in life and we shouldn’t try to force people around us to change), but if you will learn how to improve your life through small diet changes that you can easily apply everyday- I’m gonna be happy. The animals and planet- too :)

The recipes that you can find here are:

* Always vegetarian, often vegan or raw
* Made using whole foods
* Mostly quick and easy to make

All food images on this site are taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

If you want to read actual recipes you can find them under “blog” section

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