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Amaranth porridge- the easy and healthy breakfast option


Amaranth seeds in a spoon


Today I want to share with you a few ideas how to make a healthy, tasty breakfast using amaranth seeds. Did I mentioned it can be vegan and gluten free too? Amaranth seeds are very tiny, but don’t be misled by their looks- they’re incredibly nutritious! This plant was cultivated for as long as 8,000 years in South America but now it’s also becoming more and more popular in many countries for its similarity to grains but much better nutritional value. Amaranth is full of dietary fiber, is a very good source of protein and is rich of minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium and it is exceptionally good source of manganese.  Amaranth is also gluten-free.  What I also like is how beautiful and easy to grow in your garden amaranth plants are. Although I don’t know how many of them I should grow to have enough for my use :))…

Sweet amaranth porridge (for two persons)

This (as many of my recipes) is easily changeable recipe, I’ll just provide few ways how I like to make it but feel free to experiment with other ingredients that you have in your kitchen.

Around 1,5 cups of amaranth seeds

1 Tbsp unrefined coconut oil or 4 Tbsp of coconut cream/milk from the can

Sweetener of your choice- raw honey, agave/maple syrup according to your taste

2 Tbsp dried coconut

1 tsp of grounded cinnamon

Vanilla seeds of 1/2 vanilla pod (optional)

Toppings of your choice: 2 Tbsp chopped cashew nuts/walnuts/dried cranberries/ pomegranate seeds/ fresh or frozen berries of your choice


making a healthy amaranth porridge


To a small pot add 1,5 cups of amaranth and 2 cups of water, bring to boil and stir- it tends to boil over. If you see that the seeds are not done yet but there is too less water- add a bit more. It’s better to add later then to add too much in the first place- the seeds are very small and it’s difficult if you have too much water in the end and need to sift them. Boil for around 20 minutes. It’s also possible to soak them the night before- they boil quicker and taste better I would say, but I understand that it’s not always possible to plan such things in advance. When amaranth is ready (you will see how seeds became bigger and soft) take it of the heat and add coconut oil/cream, spices and coconut flakes and sweetener to the pot, mix well. If you’re using raw honey it’s better to wait a bit as it’s not good to heat it.  Put your porridge to bowls and add toppings, that’s it!

Amaranth porridge with healthy toppings
Amaranth porridge by LinaSkukauske for Wholehearteddelights blog

Amaranth “popcorns”?!

And then I want to share one other fun thing you can do with amaranth seeds- make kind of popcorns, but from amaranth! First I used to buy them already popped (for those of you based in Germany- Alnatura sells them), but then I found it is possible to make them at home. It’s a very tasty and still very healthy snack- you can eat them on their own or add to your morning cereal, I like eating them with organic unsweetened apple sauce as a snack. In Mexico they make candies from popped amaranth seeds and sugar/honey :)

Popped amaranth seeds

Popped amaranth seeds

So to make popped amaranth you will need a pan with lid (preferably glass lid to be able to see if they all have popped) and some amaranth seeds.  Put your pan on medium/high heat, wait until it’s hot. Add 1 Tbsp of amaranth seeds and cover with the lid, if the pan is hot enough they will start popping immediately. Be careful not to burn them. Sometimes I take the pan off the heat for few seconds and shake them to pop evenly. 1 portion takes around 1-2 minutes. When all seeds are popped remove them from the heat immediately as they tend to burn quickly. Repeat until you have enough “popcorns” :)

Popped amaranth seeds by Lina Skukauske Wholehearted delights blog

Do you know amaranth? How do you use it? Let’s share ideas in the comments below and if you know somebody who could benefit from this post- please share it :)

With love and inspiration,

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