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Endless possibilities with vegan one-ingredient ice cream

Vegan icre cream from from frozen bananasWho doesn’t love ice cream? I certainly do, but I rarely eat store-bought ice cream because I never find any with proper ingredients and I try to avoid using non-organic milk products. I remember how in childhood ice cream used to be from milk/cream and sugar, but nowadays?… Milk powders, various fats (some can be not vegetarian, so I avoid those), sweeteners and just additional ingredients to keep everything together looking like ice cream… So now when summer finally came to Germany and we have 30°C+ temperature for last few days and it seems to last for some time more (yay!) I thought it’s finally time for ice cream. This recipe is very easy and for basic ice cream requires only one ingredient! And it’s vegan & sugar free! I usually add additional ingredients and with those possibilities are endless. I’ll share few versions here as well.Ingredients for vegan icre cream
So for the basic version you will need:

* Very ripe (with dots) bananas, amount depends on how much ice cream you want, but I would suggest to do more because they are simply so tasty and because it will be easier to produce. So starting with 4 bananas is a good idea.
*To produce the ice cream you will need either a high speed blender or a masticating juicer (I use mostly this option) or a food processor and spatula. It is possible to use ice cream maker as well.

Peel the bananas, and if you will be using high speed blender or masticating juicer break them in three pieces and shown in image above. If you will be using food processor cut them in small slices. Put them in a bowl/plate/container and freeze overnight. Usually I just keep some frozen bananas in my freezer to have them ready, otherwise you need to plan in advance a bit.  When your bananas are frozen enough then:

a) Using high speed blender: put them in blender (you will need a powerful blender for that, any kind of blender might not work) and use “pulse” function, stop, scrape from sides using spatula, repeat until you end up with a smooth, ice cream-like consistency. They will be softer than normal ice cream, so you can put them back to freezer for an hour, though they are tasty as they are as well.

b) Using masticating juicer: turn the juicer on and put bananas one by one through it. You end up with a smooth, ice cream-like consistency. Again you can freeze them for one hour more in the freezer if you want harder consistency.

c) Using food processor: depending on your food processor you might need to do this in small batches, but the idea is similar as with the blender- put the bananas in, blend, scrape with spatula and blend again, repeating the process until they will turn into smooth and creamy consistency. Freeze for one hour more if you want harder consistency.

d) Using ice cream maker: Blend bananas while they are not frozen (in this case any blender should work) and put the mass to ice cream maker (if you will be using any other ingredients for the ice cream, add them as well, if necessary blend them before) and let them freeze for 40 minutes.
Vegan ice cream

So as I mentioned they are very tasty just as they are, but you can also experiment with all kinds of additional ingredients! Some of the things that work well are:
*Coconut milk;
*Other plant based milk, but it needs to be quite fatty (anything with too much water makes the ice cream loose its perfect creamy consistency). I like using fatty home made hemp milk.

*Cacao powder or cocoa nibs and so on. The possibilities are really endless :)

Vegan ice cream
You can add those ingredients when blending or just use them as toppings after the ice cream is made. What I did for these pictures was that I made basic banana ice cream and added another fruity cream on top, not frozen (though this mixture works well when frozen as well!)

The second fruity layer:

*1 big ripe mango

*1/2 organic lemon juice and zest of 1/2 lemon

*1 tsp cinnamon powder

*200 ml coconut cream 

*2 handfuls of strawberries

* Some mint leaves (optional, but fits nicely)

*Mint leaves & strawberries to decorate.

Blend all the ingredients together (grate lemon zest before), pour over the ice cream base and decorate with strawberries and mint leaves and enjoy!  Depending on how many bananas you used for base layer it will make enough ice cream for about 3-4 portions of healthy, tasty, vegan, sugar-free dessert :)

P.S. regarding equipment- I use Blendtec blender, Omega VRT350 juicer and Cuisinart ice cream maker.

Vegan ice creamHave you tried banana ice cream before? What kind of treats do you make in summer? I would love to know!

With love & inspiration,

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