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Following your intuition, even when it’s scary

As I mentioned in this post this year I wanted to change my focus and start studying the things I was secretly obsessed with and learning on my own for a while now. And though I still work as a photographer (especially this month it feels that I work more than ever) but I’m now also slowly but surely working on (as one friend said) “career number 2”.

I was passionate about personal development, coaching, EFT &  spirituality for years now, but as I considered it to be “incompatible” with my official career I kind of blocked this part of me, keeping it to myself and trying to convince myself that I really shouldn’t go for it. It’s funny how we hold something dear for us and feel vulnerable to share it with others what we really care about because we have a different “persona” that we have built for ourselves. And the funniest part- when we finally muster the courage to share with the world what we really care about and that we want to follow our real passions nothing really happens. I mean nothing bad :-) Most people are neutral, too focused on their lives to care about your changes, some people are curious, positive & supportive. Some of them even open up to you about their “secret thing” that they are passionate but too afraid to pursue. So in the end, we stop ourselves because of things that are not even real- most of the time it’s only negative thoughts in our head- that people will judge us, ridicule our ideas and visions and then there is the (way too common) thought that we are not “good enough”. It feels so much safer to not even try and in this way  avoid all the possible shame and failure.  Do you see how ridiculous is that? What is more, even when we think these negative thoughts and stop ourselves from following our passions we still can’t fully get away from them- they come up again and again, subtly or not so subtly reminding about themselves, showing up as yearnings, as feeling of dissatisfaction with life, feelings of inauthenticity and that underlying feeling that this is not what life should be about. That there has to be more to life. And there is, but you have to gather the courage to give it a try and honor your intuition, even when it feels scary and illogical. And the whole October this year for me was exactly about that. After so much overthinking and analyzing I chose to make the leap and made my mind to at least give it a try.

 As it turned out, it was one of the best months ever- work was easy, I focused on self-care and I took 10 days off and went to UK to study to become EFT and Matrix re-imprinting practitioner (such energy healing & acupressure techniques). I traveled alone, met some wonderful people in these courses, grew a lot and learned a ton and then spent some love & laughter-filled days with friends road tripping and staying at their place in London. I also signed for my life coaching training with Beautiful You Coaching Academy which I will start in October. This is something I wanted to do for few years but first I was too afraid to even consider this and later I knew I wanted this, but I was still stopping myself- it’s expensive, who am I to be a coach, I already have a well-working business, will I manage to do it… Oh, that voice of fear, it’s always so creative when there’s a need to come up with excuses :-)

So, it’s official:

a) I’m on my way to becoming a certified EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner;

b) I’m studying to become a life coach

I also made a third life-changing decision this August which is probably even bigger, but I can’t share the details yet :-) I’m currently exchanging EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting (which I found absolutely magical and mind blowing) sessions with my fellow students from the courses, but from next month I would like to start offering free sessions for “clients” to practice further. So if you’re based in Munich and have an issue you want to get solved please contact me :-)

Both EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting work well on:

* Removing stress and anxiety;
* Uncovering and removing limiting beliefs;
* Healing emotional and physical imbalances- think emotional traumas, phobias, health problems;
* After uncovering and removing negative beliefs you “imprint” new ones, positive and therefore change what you attract in your life;
* Using Matrix Re-imprinting you can find peace and forgiveness with people with whom you have negative experiences or unresolved issues without reaching out to them in real life;
* When solving problems the goal is not to remove symptoms temporarily, but to get to the root cause and remove it;
* You can uncover blocked memories or memories from your early childhood to which you don’t have conscious access.

It’s possible to do this work online via Skype, too, but at first, I want to get enough practice leading live sessions. Plus, when doing Matrix Re-imprinting via Skype client has to know the meridian tapping points, so it’s easier to work live when I can tap on the client.

And here are some images from my trip- Brighton (I attended my courses in Brighton with Karl Dawson) & then our road trip to see Eden project with friends and some pics of my stay in London (though honestly, I spent my days in London hanging out with friends and not sight-seeing- I went running, to the gym (where Adomas works as a personal trainer, so I had a private session and now kind of want that all the time- it’s easy to get used to good things), to sauna, spent hours talking and laughing & cooking healthy and tasty vegan meals. I love these kind of trips where you just connect with people you like and live like a local for a while :-)

BrightonI fell in love with Brighton- as I never lived by the sea the sounds of seagulls instantly give me holiday vibes and people were so laid back and friendly. After living in Munich Brighton seemed to be insanely colorful and creative. And all the vegan and vegetarian places to eat! In short- I could easily live there :-)Brighton by Lina SkukauskeBrightonAfter my courses, my friends Sandra and Adomas picked me up with the car and we went towards Cornwall where we wanted to visit Eden Project. It was already Sunday evening so we stopped to spend the night in a camping by the sea. We woke up and planned to leave in an hour, but in the end I think it took us three hours to leave- we went to the seaside for a swim, had breakfast and on our way to the tent found out that this camping was actually huge and they had all kinds of activities there- organic bakery, lots of border collies with puppies which you can play with and a field with various farm animals- pigs, goats, llamas. All the kids (and us, of course) were playing with animals and I love when people can see “farm” animals live and understand that they, too, are sweet, playful and curious beings. Road trip & camping in UKSeaside in CornwallAfter the swim Adomas was practising Nhat Nam, Vietnamese martial art. And doing some squats with Sandra as a weight :-)Road trip & camping in UKRoad trip & camping in UKRoad trip & camping in UKVegan, organic, home-made food and view to the sea- better than any restaurants :-)Road trip & camping in UKRoad trip & camping in UKRoad trip & camping in UKRoad trip & camping in UKRoad trip & camping in UKRoad trip & camping in UKRoad trip & camping in UKRoad trip & camping in UKMy favorite goat which we named Zen goat- she was the only one totally calm, but would subtly hit you with the horns if you stop petting her, like telling “keep going, keep going” :D And I can’t help but laugh when I see how I look in this image- after camping, in half PJs, half kimono style sweater, with a handbag and a camera bag covered in a woolen blanket looking like a snail…Perfect styling :-)Road trip & camping in UKRoad tripping & singing in the car :-)Road trip in UKEden projectWe went to visit Eden Project which is a very interesting place- a mix of a botanical garden, an educational project about sustainability, various art installations & futuristic ideas and designs. Sandra’s friend Ian is one of the founding members and he showed us around telling various stories. I always love to see people who are really passionate about what they do- they can talk for days and you can listen for days, there is something very captivating in people who live by their calling. The fact that Ian has an amazing sense of humor helped, too :-)
Inside Eden projectInside Eden projectInside Eden projectInside Eden projectInside Eden projectThroughout the geodomes there were different installations presenting various countries, plants and their uses, sustainability issues & solutions. I loved this Asian house with a lush garden :-)

Inside Eden projectInside Eden projectInside Eden projectInside Eden projectUs at Eden projectAnd then London… As I said I didn’t spend much time sight-seeing and mostly spent time at the home of Adomas and Sandra or doing various activities with them, trying out how does it feel to live like a local here. I also loved their urban garden in the rooftop terrace :-)
LondonUrban farming in LondonUK Lina SkukauskeUK Lina SkukauskeUK Lina Skukauske

So here it is, my story of choosing to follow my intuition. If you ever have a feeling that you really want to do something, go for it, even when it’s scary.

With love and inspiration,

  • Whooah! Koks mazas pasaulis! Adomas ir Sandra :))) Geras! Ir hooray for the career number 2! Sounds good :)ReplyCancel

  • Mary Jane

    Beautifully written, articulated & presented Lina – thank you for sharing your journey & insights 💛ReplyCancel

  • Skirmantė

    Pirmiausiai tai sveikinu!!! Nuostabi patirtis! Man tai nuskambėjo labai netikėtai ir esu tikrai sužavėta! Tavo patirtis įkvepia.

    Beje, ne visi turim išlavintą intuiciją, jos net negirdim arba girdim bet nepaisom… iš baimės, o gal nebrandumo? Kartais dar nesame tam pasirengę ką girdime. Todėl lengviau ją ignoruot nei leistis į tą nežinomą ir paslaptingą kelionę…į kurią tu jau leidiesi. Sekmės didžiausios!
    P.S. esu pasirengus būti viena iš tavo *klienčių* ;-)ReplyCancel

    • Ačiū, Skirmante :) Intuiciją tikrai turim visi, tik kaip ir minėjai, ne pas visus ji išlavinta, o gal tiksliau ne pas visus išlavintas įprotis pasitikėti savo intuicija. Manau, kad dažnai jaučiam kaip reikėtų pasielgti, bet intuicija nešaukia ir neaiškina, tik patyliukais pasiūlo ir ją labai nesunku užgožti proto argumentais. Ir aš seniau taip ir darydavau, kol daug kartų “nusvilau”, kai jaučiau, kad reikėtų pasirinkti vienaip, bet apgalvojus pasirinkdavau priešingai ir paskui visad gailėdavaus. Tad šiemet sąmoningai nusprendžiau labiau klausyti, net jei logiškai šiuo metu negaliu paaiškinti kodėl darau vienaip ar kitaip. Kol kas laimės tik daugėja ;)

      Dėl buvimo “kliente”- puiku :) Galėsim ryt apsitart susitikę kaip ir kada pradedam ;)ReplyCancel

  • First of all, I wanted to complement you an your blog – it’s such a beauty. It was one of my inspirations when creating one as well (not that colourful yet!:) And I totally understand what you’re talking about here. I was a ‘disguise English teacher’ for years when all I ever wanted was to write and do life coaching as well. So this season I am also ‘coming out’ and declaring to the world what I am about. A bit scary, vulnerable – that’s true, but so worth it! The best of luck to you.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you! Yes, it is scary (as most of the changes), but it’s SO worth it! Let me know if I can help you somehow- I don’t know that many Lithuanian coaches and would love to connect :)ReplyCancel

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