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Healthy snacks, micro adventures and preparation for Iceland

Healthy Lithuanian Tundra snacks and sprouted buckwheat
For many years visiting Iceland was one of my dreams and this spring it should finally come to reality- I, my husband and our two friends are going to two-week long trip to Iceland. It will be one week of hiking through the most beautiful hiking trail and one week going with a car around Iceland, visiting waterfalls and camping (and for me personally- taking tons of pictures and searching for elves- I’m sure that if they are to be found somewhere- it’s in Iceland ;) ). We’re leaving just in the middle of May, so it might seem as a long time from now, but we understand it will be physically demanding trip with unpredictable Icelandic weather, pretty cold temperatures and all the physical activities, so we already started with some preparations. Sprouted sesame seedsOne of the things we constantly think about is food- most of our trip will be in the wilderness and no shops will be nearby, so we’re planning to take some food with us. With limited space and weight in our backpacks we’re searching for foods that are high in calories, very nutritious, easy to transport or prepare while camping and tasty. So lately we’re experimenting with sprouted seeds & dry fruit bars. Why sprouted? All nuts & seeds are very nutritionally dense and satiating foods but they contain inhibitor enzymes to protect them from sprouting which makes them much more difficult to digest. Soaking and sprouting deactivates those inhibitor enzymes and activates beneficial enzymes in them and allow our bodies to absorb nutrients from nuts and seeds much better. It may sound complicated at first, but all you need to know is that it’s always a good idea to soak or sprout your nuts and seeds :) These days we’re sprouting sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and buckwheats in big quantities, then drying them in dehydrator (you can use oven at low temperature for this, too) and experimenting in making nutritious and tasty bars. Actually, few years ago my husband and I were even contemplating a business idea- as a raw buckwheat addicts, we were wondering how is it possible that in Lithuania nobody makes healthy sprouted buckwheat bars. Dried sprouted buckwheat are quite neutral in taste, but very light and crunchy, very nutritious, naturally gluten-free and can make a perfect base for healthy energy bars. We ditched the business idea later, but I’m very happy that somebody finally made it a reality. I was really positively surprised when I found out about Lithuanian sprouted buckwheat bars called “Tundra” (they even sell sprouted dehydrated raw buckwheat, too if you want to avoid all the hassle of making them at home from scratch!). Currently, they come in two tastes- cinnamon and cocoa and both taste really great and what I love the most is that the ingredient list is really short and all of them are real, healthy food. No added sugar, no preservatives etc.
I think they will be a great addition to our menu in Iceland, but it can easily be used as a quick and healthy snack when you’re after gym, at work or when your kids ask for something sweet.

I also wanted to share with you a short & inspiring video I found some time ago- the concept really resonates with me :)

And lastly- some images from our “micro adventures” and preparation for Iceland- long bike ride by the lake Starnberg- beautiful nature and small villages & plenty of physical exercises!
Bike ride around StarnbergBike ride around StarnbergBike ride around StarnbergBike ride around StarnbergBike ride around StarnbergBike ride around StarnbergBike ride around StarnbergBike ride around StarnbergWhat are your favorite snacks on the go? And what will be your next micro adventure? :)

With love and inspiration,

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