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How to make plant milk at home?


Home made oat milk

Home made oat milk

Somehow when people think about healthy living or vegetarian diet they often think that it is expensive, difficult and time consuming. That even if they would like to, they CAN’T do it. I know it’s not truth (you can do whatever you really want in life) and I want to change that misconception. So I thought that what would be a better way to do it than sharing the recipe (it’s so simple, that I can hardly call it a recipe) that I use almost daily.  My daily dairy-free, plant-based cocoa drink. Besides soaking your seeds/nuts/grains that you will use in the evening before, all it takes is 5 minutes and you end up with a lot of tasty, healthy and affordable plant based milk which you can afterwards season according to your taste. Of course you can buy various plant milks at many health stores, but it’s often more expensive and often they are not so healthy as you would think- as most of the things you buy ready-made they are produced to last really long, so full of ingredients that you would rather not use.

So what can you use to make plant milk yourself?

Some of more common options are:

Oats -I use hulled, raw oats as you see in image (those of you also based in Germany- “Alnatura” oats taste really good) but rolled oats are also a possibility, but you get a different in taste and nutritional value (most of the rolled oats are not raw) drink. Not hulled raw oats are too bitter;

Sesame seeds (better to use raw, not hulled seeds- they are richer in taste, a bit darker in color than white hulled seeds and more nutritious )



And in Lithuania we usually make poppy seed milk at Christmas Eve, I love that, too :)

It’s possible to use some other nuts and seeds as well, but these are my favorites.

I’m not the biggest fan of soy milk- yes, it’s tasty, vegan, you can buy it everywhere, but the more I read about soy the more negative aspects I find in it- links to infertility and hormone issues, most of soy is GMO… When there are so many other options for plant based milk that are definitely good for me I try to minimize the use of soy.

For spices:

And then you can season the milk to your preferences- my favorite option is a teaspoon or less of raw honey and some cocoa powder (you can also use raw cacao powder if you want). In the image above I made oat milk with chai spices- this was also vegan as I used dates instead of honey (agave or maple syrup is also an option). So in this case you will need few dates as a sweetener and a big pinch (see image) cinnamon, cardamon and fennel in powdered form. If you like anise, you can add that one as well, I lived in Denmark for few years and they like it there A LOT and I’m not the biggest fan of it so I usually avoid it :) Adding sweetener and vanilla seeds is a good option, too.


Choose what you will make your plant milk from. Add around a half of cup of those seeds/grains/nuts in a bowl with water to cover them, soak for around 4 hours or overnight. Rinse them and put in high speed blender. Add 3-4 cups of water, your spices and sweetener of choice and blend for around 40 seconds. If you like me don’t like cold drinks during the cold season, then blend it longer until your drink gets warm. Don’t overdo it if your goal is to have it raw and to keep all nutrients. Then you need to sift it through a sieve or what I find even better- through a cheese cloth in order to keep only the liquid. And that’s basically it, you wash your blender and sieve/cheese cloth and in 5 minutes you have your tasty home-made plant milk which you can drink as it is or use in cooking :)

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