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Mung bean salads and trip to the mountains

Mung beans close-up

This post will be long, but don’t worry- it’s mainly images (and images from BEAUTIFUL places) ;)

Mung bean & red rice salads with feta
Real, snowy, cold winter is finally in Munich and doesn’t show any signs of leaving, so I’m craving more warm, satiating foods and these salads fits these needs very well. I like all kinds of legumes and small green mung beans are no exception. Mostly common to Indian cuisine these small beans are high in protein, quicker to boil than most other legumes and work well in soups, curries and as salads ingredients (both boiled and sprouted as they sprout quickly).  If you’re afraid of consuming legumes I suggest watching this short and funny video about the effects of legumes to your health :)


Ingredients (for 2-3 persons):

1 medium sized Romaine lettuce (around 15 cm in length)

2 handfuls of rucola

200g of dried mung beans

60 g of feta cheese (for vegan option- substitute it with smoked tofu)

1/3 of English/long cucumber or 2 small garden cucumbers

4 sun dried tomatoes in oil

3 Tbsp of radish sprouts (they work best because of their intensive taste, but you can switch to other sprouts if you don’t have radish sprouts)

Tbsp of fresh flax seed oil (I wrote where to get best one in this post)

a squeeze of lemon juice

a pinch Himalayan salt & black pepper

a tsp of coriander seeds powder

Fresh oregano (optional)

Red rice for 2 or 3 persons (these are my favorite, but you can use brown or basmati instead if you can’t find red ones. I buy them in Asian shop)


Salads with red rice and mung beans


If you know you will do this dish in advance- soak the rice and beans in separate bowls overnight or few hours before cooking. In separate pots put the rice and mung beans to boil. Rice boils 20-30 minutes depending on the type of rice you use and whether they were soaked before or no and mung beans take about 40 minutes to boil. For mung beans put 3 times more water than you use beans and check occasionally when cooking- if you lack water add a bit more. When ready they should be soft but keep their shape. When boiled drain and set aside.

While rice and beans are boiling wash and cut the Romaine lettuce, rucola and cucumbers. Wash the radish sprouts. Cut the sun dried tomatoes into smaller pieces.  When rice and mung beans are ready let them cool a bit (or totally, these salads can be eaten cold as well) and then in a big bowl add the beans, rice, lettuce and rucola, cucumbers, sun dried tomatoes and radish sprouts. Squeeze in the lemon juice, add black pepper, flax seed oil and salt, mix everything. Put to plates and top with feta cheese and fresh oregano.

P.S. my images doesn’t reflect the proportions well this time-  there should be much more rucola ;)

And then as I promised in the beginning of this post- I want to share some images from beautiful places we visited last weekend. Lovely Egle from Lithuania visited Munich for modeling and as she didn’t knew anything in the city we ended up tasting teas and vegetarian/vegan cakes in town (and I found my new favorite place in Munich), spent hours speaking about spirituality, travels and just life in general and on weekend we went to see the nature in Bavaria- spending time outdoors is always a good idea and when mountains are just 40km from your home you just have to go there :) We visited a small  town of Oberammergau with traditional Bavarian paintings on the walls on each house, Ettal monastery and took a lift to the mountain top- the views there are breathtaking! Although I guess I love the hiking part even more than just seeing the view from the top, but it was about 1 meter of snow there and we didn’t have proper clothes to take such a hike… After the trip we came to our home and my husband made SUCH a tasty and (a strange combination) healthy pizza with cauliflower crust that we instantly knew it has to be on the blog, so now I have a serious reason to eat few more pizzas to refine the recipe ;)

So the images + music:

Ettal monastery in winter

Ettal monastery

Mountains next to OberammergauBavarian mountains in winter by Lina Skukauskėme and Egle on the mountain topMountains above the clouds in BavariaMountains above the clouds in BavariaEgle on the mountain topMountains above the clouds in Bavaria

Above the clouds

Mountains above the clouds in BavariaMy husband and I on the mountain top

Sunbathing like cats

Mountains above the clouds in BavariaMountains above the clouds in BavariaI wish you lovely weekend, I guess I’ll spend mine in the mountains again as it’s the last weekend that Eglė is here. And baking banana muffins which I want to put on the blog for some time now.

If you found this post useful I would be very happy if you could share it with your friends- this blog is new and I would love to find new readers for it :)

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    Pasikartosiu, bet dar karats nepamaišys ;) nuostabi atmosfera, kurią taip puikiai perteiki! Beje, smagu ir pažįstamą veidą buvo pamatyti, Eglė man padėjo įamžinti mano bakalaurinio darbo kolekciją :)Nuostabus modelis ir asmenybė.

    O su mung pupelėmis kaip tik ir aš receptą ruošiu, tikiuosi iki pirmadienio viską surašysiu :)

    Gražaus savaitgalio,


    • Ačiū, Gelmina :) Sutinku, Eglė tikrai nuostabi, labai džiaugiuosi su ja susipažinus.
      Labai įdomu bus pamatyti tavo receptą, pas tave visad viskas taip skaniai ir gražiai atrodo ;)

      Ir tau gražaus savaitgalio!

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