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When I’m not blogging here about food and other things that inspire me I work as a lifestyle photographer, creating branding and marketing images for business owners in lifestyle industry (food, interior, design). I focus on interiors/food/travel and portraiture to tell inspiring stories about my clients and their products and services and to help them grow their businesses. If you’re interested to see more of my photography works click here (will redirect you to my portfolio site)

I’m also available for collaborations with brands.

Legal notice: Please keep in mind that all images on this website are taken and copyrighted by me (Lina Skukauskė) and if you want to use them commercially you need my written permission. It takes lots of time and work to produce each blog post, so if you want to include my images on your blog please let me know me via the contact form in this page (see the menu). If you’re using the images for not commercial purposes anywhere online you still need to give proper credit- include my name and link back to this site. Thank you for your understanding!