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Raw sprouted buckwheat

sprouted buckwheat

How to sprout buckwheat

Those who know me and Ignas often joke that we could eat only buckwheat and be happy about it- sprouted and sweet,  sprouted and salty mixed with salads, cooked and salty with roasted vegetables, buckwheat flour pancakes etc. … To be honest- we do love it and eat a lot of it and today I wanna write about raw sprouted buckwheat.

Why buckwheat?

To begin with I want to clarify that buckwheat is not a grain, technically it’s a seed and actually a very versatile and nutritious one. It’s common “grain” to eat in Russia, Eastern European countries, China and some other countries. Buckwheats are high in proteins and are one of a few plant-based sources of all essential amino acids, so it’s a good food to eat if you’re vegan or vegetarian. Because they are actually not related to wheat, buckwheats are also gluten-free. Even cooked buckwheat are considered health food, but what I like even more is raw and sprouted version of them, which is still full of enzymes and even more nutritious. You can buy buckwheat in many health stores, from organic farmers or (depending on your location) in simple supermarkets. At home we buy high quantities (25kg) of raw buckwheat from organic producer in Lithuania because we really eat a lot of it and it’s much much cheaper to buy in bulk.

How to sprout buckwheat?

Actually quite easily :) What you need for that is to buy raw, not roasted buckwheat. Roasted ones are brown to dark brown in color while raw are in cream/greenish color (see image above). Roasted buckwheat are sold already heated and obviously won’t sprout. As with many raw foods you will need some additional waiting time for your food to be ready: take your buckwheat and rinse it, then soak it in cold water for around 3-4 hours. If the temperature is cold (around 20 degrees Celsius or less) it can stay overnight, but buckwheat is not the best food to soak long.  After soaking carefully rinse them again, they tend to created starchy/slippery fluid when soaked, so rinse for few minutes until it’s gone. Then put your buckwheat into a big sieve and a bowl under it for excess water to drip. Actually IKEA has a just perfect kit for that as you see in the image above- both bowl and sieve are from there. This sieve is very strong and that makes it easy to wash it after parts of buckwheat get stuck in the holes- this can get a little annoying with normal sieves, so I was really happy to find this buckwheat-perfect sieve in IKEA :)
Keep your sprouting buckwheat in the sieve and bowl for anything from a day to 4 days (it’s a matter of taste- the longer you sprout them the more they taste as sprouts and not grains), I prefer 1-2 days. Rinse them each evening and morning. If you see that you have too much of them and won’t be able to eat quickly- after rinsing keep them in the fridge, this make the sprouting process much slower.


Sprouted buckwheat with Greek youghurt

Sweet sprouted buckwheat

This is common breakfast in our home- ridiculously easy to make before the work, tasty, healthy and very filling. What you will need:

1) Raw sprouted buckwheat, imagine that you use them instead of cereal so add similar amount;

2) Organic Greek yoghurt

3) Soft, if available fresh dates, 3-5, adjust for preferred sweetness

4) Cinnamon powder

5) Cacao powder or cacao nibs (optional)

6) Dried raisins. Check that they would be high quality, they rarely are just raisins, read your labels :) When I first started reading food labels I was shocked… Now when I live in Germany it’s a little bit better than in Lithuania, but still there so many weird additives in seemingly simple food…

If you do more portions at once you can blend the dates with cinnamon into “sauce” with a small amount of water in high-speed blender. Otherwise just cut them in pieces, put the buckwheat, yoghurt in bowl and top it with the dates, raisins and nuts and cacao powder or nibs.

Variation II

1) Raw sprouted buckwheat, imagine that you use them instead of cereal so add similar amount;

2) Organic yoghurt, around 5 big spoons

3) 1-2 bananas, cut in pieces

4) Bee polen, around 1 tsp

5) Cashew/almond/hazel nuts, cut in pieces;

6) Raw honey as sweetener

7) Ignas likes to add bee bread to this (it’s very nutritious product, again having all essential amino acids, but not so easy to get. It’s easy to get in Lithuania, so we usually have it at home)

Again assemble everything as you would do with your morning cereals.

Variation III

1) Raw sprouted buckwheat, imagine that you use them instead of cereal so add similar amount;

2) 1/2-1 cup of fresh strawberries, cut in halves

3) Raw honey as sweetener (use agave or maple syrup if you prefer vegan version)

4) 1 tsp of organic cold pressed coconut oil

5) A dash of ground cinnamon or some vanilla seeds

Simply assemble everything in a bowl. This is very light version suitable for a snack on hot summer day.

I just wrote few of the variations I like, but you can mix it with anything you want, sprouted buckwheat don’t have too strong taste so they are easy to pair with many things. Some time later I’ll write the salty versions as well.

If you tried it or have any questions- leave a comment below :) And if you found this info useful- please share it with your friends :)

Sweet sprouted buckwheat

Sweet sprouted buckwheat

Sweet sprouted buckwheat


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