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Flowers in the mountains by Lina Skukauskė

I believe that life is full of beauty and I would even dare to say, magic. It’s all hidden and interwoven in seemingly simple everyday life- the serendipities we experience, the creative ideas that hits in most unexpected moment, in the cycles and laws of nature and our life, in life-changing connections we make with people who we hadn’t known yesterday… I made one those connections few years ago with a person who now is my husband.  This wonderful “accident” that we met in one vegan event (although we weren’t vegans and we’re not vegans now) in cold autumn day allowed me to finally have somebody in my life that’s similarly (and complimentary) crazy and curious and driven to experiment with life. Some days I feel as we’re two (quite big) children exploring areas that interest us, playing and discovering new things and then changing our lives according to our findings.

I was always an optimistic person, but at some point in my life I made one of those experiments- a conscious decision to really focus on the positive side of things and see how that will change my life. Yes I know and fully understand that life is not always just happiness and lightness, but I also know that for you personally your life is what you focus on. And when we focus on something, we create more of that. So I made this decision to intentionally filter to what I give my precious time and energy in this lifetime (do I really need to watch that horror movie? Do I need to spend time with that constantly complaining person? Will I feel better and inspired to create after watching the news?) and also filter what I share with others and think how this affects them. And though I am aware of many problems in our world (economical, political, environmental etc.) I believe that the better way is to change people’s focus– from hating the old and feeling small and miserable to focusing on passionately building the new, on creating what they believe in and what will be a better alternative.  As I love to write and tell inspiring stories with my images I decided to start this personal blog for those same reasons- to do my part in changing people’s focus. Sharing beauty, inspiration and positive ideas.

The topics I will write about here will probably be as various as are my interests:

Vegetarian/raw foods and in general healthy living;


Building business based on your unique passions and talents;

Love, relationships and expressing femininity;


Personal development;

The magic of everyday life- anything from new ideas and insights to travel stories and morning walks in the forest and mountains (I find nature to be one of the most fascinating things in life)

We share our home with two cornish rex cats and they might also show up in this blog quite a lot, so I included their image as well for a proper introduction :))

So welcome, and let’s connect and change the world into a more positive and happy place to live :)

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